National Women’s History Month


Throughout the month of March, we celebrate National Women’s History Month, recognizing remarkable women who have impacted our lives today.  

National Women’s History month is a month of remembrance and a time to show gratitude to all the women in our lives who have made us the girls and women we are today.  

Addie Arnold, junior, said her biggest inspiration during National Women’s History Month is her grandmother, because “her [grandmother’s] parents were not able to provide her [grandmother] with a lot, and she did not have the resources to go to college, yet she still rose above her conditions and is successful to this day.”

Addie defined a successful woman as someone “who feels accomplished at the end of the day; they don’t have to be rich in order to feel that their day is fulfilled when they go to bed at night.”  

These 31 days of March are for all women to be recognized, not just famous women.

Annie Gentile, junior, said her biggest inspiration during National Women’s History Month is her sister.

Annie said her sister influences her “because anything [her sister] puts her mind to, she accomplishes. [Her sister] does not care if someone tells her what she is trying to accomplish is impossible, what she wants to get done, she will get done.” 

Annie says that a successful woman is someone who simply is happy”. She believes success is when “[someone] is happy and confident in themselves, when they’re proud of what they’re doing in life, a successful woman is determined by perspective.”  

National Women’s History Month has a different meaning to every little girl, teenage girl, and woman. Every female has been inspired by a different woman.

To Kaylee Tagliaferri, junior, National Women’s History Month “is overlooked – it’s important to recognize all women now, because while they may not be famous or extremely wealthy, they may have impacted just one person’s life.”  

This month of March is for all girls and women to be proud of being female, because being a female is remarkable, and we have the power to change the world.