Friday Night Lights


On a Friday night at CB South, you can hear loud and proud fans screaming at the top of their lungs, cheerleaders cheering in support of their team and the whole student body glorifying their classmates on the field. There is nothing that can bring a school community closer than a Friday night football game.

“Football has been a big part of my life,” senior Tom McLaughin, CB South varsity free safety, said, “Every year the team grew closer and came together.”

McLaughin has been on the varsity team since freshman year with 35 tackles and one interception as his standing stats.

As the Titans began its new season, there was preseason pressure.

“No matter what, we all hold each other accountable.” Mclaughin said, coaches can only do so much he express that there is more “pressure from teammates to do well.”

As he played his last year in 2018, McLaughin revealed that he had learned a lot. “Adversity” was a big part of his past season.

“Playing on a team was a big character builder, people will hold you accountable for your actions.” Tom said that you “play not only for yourself but for your team and your coaches.”

As to be expected, preparing for a football game is a personal matter in which every player and fan has their own rituals, routines and traditions.

Every Thursday night, a tradition would take place for Colin Crabtree, tight end and wide receiver on CB South varsity. He said he and his teammates “had to play Black Ops, or X Box. It was a must, or we wouldn’t do good in the game.”

Some other teammates have a more particular approach into pregame rituals.

Tom Mclaughin wrote a Bible verse on his left wrist every game for good luck.

“Focused” is the word that was continuously said between Crabtree and McLaughin. “The locker room was intense”, Mclaughin said.

“High energy,” Crabtree added.

In the bleachers, this is very much the same story.

Titan Terror is a place where the entire student body comes together to cheer on their team and school.

“Exciting, enthusiastic, a whole sense of community,” Junior Lindsey Bieber said about Titan Terror.

Spirit is spread through the student onlookers with everyone cheering together.

“The goal is to get the whole South side involved in showing spirit,” Bieber said. Showing her pride of South having the best student section in Central Bucks, she says is because they are always “supporting the team.”

Engaging in this high school enthusiasm, camo night seems to get a lot of attention. Camo night is when the students dress up in camo and electrifying orange vests against sister school CB West; the Bucks.

Having the best student section doesn’t take much, but the traditions passed down through terror will always be held.

The passing of the torch is a Terror tradition in which the previous terror leader’s responsibility is passed down to two girls and two boys from Unami and Tamanend Middle Schools.

Fans also have rituals when getting ready for a Friday night game.

“I wrote #2 on my arm every game.” Lindsey said, supporting her boyfriend Tom McLaughin on the field. “Also showing as much spirit as possible always helps the team.”

A CB South Friday night football game is filled with a sea of blue, black and white, with roaring fans supporting their team colors, mascots and players.

The most crucial part of any student section is unity, and that is what South is most proud of. A student section may be the loudest, most enthusiastic group at any school sports game. The ocean of students is meant to send a chilling feeling to the other team, to say, ‘This is our field.’