What’s New For Netflix?


Recently the streaming company, Netflix, has decided to raise the prices for members from 13% to 18%.

The basic plan will cost $9 instead of $8; the HD standard plan will cost $13, up from the original, $11; and the 4K premium plan will cost $16, as a replacement for $14.

This is the fourth time Netflix has raised prices since it launched 12 years ago. The last time the company raised prices was in October 2017,  moving it’s shares up 3%.

The other times when the streaming service has raised rates, the change had little effect on subscriber population, and have buoyed the stock.

With a total of about 58 million U.S. subscribers having to pay more, the company not only has to keep releasing new movies and TV shows to keep their audience, but they need to produce great quality ones, such as Bird Box (2018).

Even though people are not thrilled about Netflix raising their rates, with this extra money, Netflix will use it to create an even bigger budget than the $8 billion they had in 2018 to produce new movies and TV shows.

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Netflix is clearly stepping it up in 2019, not only landing nominations for an Oscar, but signing with a major motion picture company.

Netflix recently announced that they are going to join the Motion Picture Association of America. This is making history because it is the first time that a streaming company will be joining the Hollywood lobby group.

With all of this amazing news for Netflix watchers, let’s take a look at the new releases the audience will be watching in the upcoming months.



  • February 8thRemastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke
  • February 14thDirty John

Dating Around

  • February 15thThe Umbrella Academy

Larry Childs’ Dangerous World of Comedy 


  • March 8thAfter Life
  • March 15thTurn Up Charlie
  • March 29thOsmosis


  • April 5thChilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Our Planet


TBC- GLOW Season 3


July 4thStranger Things 3