The Golden Ghoul Awards

Casey Wood

Looking for something to do with friends this Halloween? There is a way you can still get in the spirit without even dressing up in a costume and walking door to door. Have a movie night! Gather your best friends, popcorn, candy, and a bunch of blankets to watch the best Halloween movies of all time. Here is a list of my top 5 favorites!

Hocus Pocus

Coming in at #5 is “Hocus Pocus.” Remember learning about the Salem Witch trials? In this movie the witches are real! Three witch sisters return to Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, but it’s up to three kids to end the witches’ madness!


Ready for a throwback? At #4 is “Halloweentown,” a favorite of many. This movie is about a young girl who learns that she is actually a witch. This causes her to go on a mission to help save her town from all the evil creatures.

Ghost Busters

Everything is so alive in New York. Not only humans, but ghosts too! Coming in at #3 is “Ghost Busters” Three ghost scientists start a New York business to catch ghosts, and it turns out the mission they are on is to find the abducted woman one of the ghost busters was supposed to go out with! Sit back and watch ghost busters find the ghoul-friend, I mean girlfriend.

The Conjuring

The scariest movies are the ones that are based on a true story. “The Conjuring” is one of those movies. The story takes place at a creepy looking house of a newly moved in family. As time goes on the house experiences some freaky events going on, worrying and scaring the family away. They then hire the Warrens, an investigating team to check out what is really going on behind those doors.


The best Halloween movie to watch coming in at #1 is obviously “Halloween.” This thrilling classic is about a young boy who killed his siblings and was then put into an institution. He then escapes as a grown man and keeps up his scary habits and begins to stalk somebody.

There you go, South! Have fun this Halloween watching these spooky movies. Boo!