Movie Review: The Accountant

Ryan Wirsch, Staff Writer

SPOILER ALERT: This movie review contains spoilers!

As far as another Ben Affleck flick goes, The Accountant was just a few more ripples in the pond of big movie releases.

Scoring an 86% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, the story begins by following the main character Christian Wolff (Affleck) who works as a CPA in a cover business. Wolff, suffering from a mild form of Autism, has frequent flashbacks to his adolescence, leaving the audience to believe is the reason why he has social issues now.

We later find out he is really a freelance accountant for some of the most dangerous criminals and organizations around the world and moves frequently to avoid capture.

The story starts slow and begins to start up when an electronics firm begins to notice millions of dollars go missing, and hires The Accountant to uncook the books for them. To investigate this thievery, Wolff (Affleck) comes in to investigate the records and see where the money is going.

While he works on this, the typical office romance begins to ignite between Christian Wolff (Affleck) and his costar Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) which ultimately is a letdown in the end.

As Wolff begins to get closer to solving the mystery, bodies begin to start piling up as more and more people go after him.

One reason people begin to die is because as he gets closer to figuring the mystery out, it begins to lead back to one of the company’s executives and to a cover up within the company.

Another is the reckless regard for life that some characters, especially when Brax (Jon Bernthal), A.K.A Shane from The Walking Dead, begins to cause massive amounts of destruction as he has no regard for human life.

After he exposes this cover up, he becomes even more of a target and following a turn of events is fired from the electronics firm. Arguably, he already had enough to go on as he solved the puzzle, they just didn’t want to be incriminated with Wolff’s (Affleck’s) evidence.

Eventually, after a couple minutes of steady gun fire, a simulated defense compound, and some blind guards, the Accountant (Affleck) gains access to the executive’s house while he’s being guarded.

As it turns out in the end, family matters truly, and the Accountant sets everything straight.

This thriller begins with lots of potential but in the end is disappointing. Starting with action, and continuing with action, the action-deprived ending was a flop for an otherwise good movie.

The setting was scenic with their location but the predictable events were even more boring after everyone realized where the story was going.

The “shocker” at the end was nothing short of a disaster after Christian Wolff (Affleck) took a page from the Matrix Series, and only after he completed gravity defying stunts, did he hurt himself with a twisted ankle.

The only explanation that could be gathered for the lack of action and let down in the end, would be the directors wasting their $44 million budget on the explosives for the first half, neglecting the second.

For a movie with a slow start and a predictable ending from the trailer, go see The Accountant.