Frank Ocean’s Highly Anticipated “Blonde”

Frank Ocean’s Highly Anticipated “Blonde”

Brian Lee, Contributing Writer

As summer winded down, Frank Ocean finally dropped his long-awaited second album, “Blonde” in August 20, 2016. People felt that he had disappeared from the public eye after his first album “Channel Orange” blew up when it released in 2012.

There was much speculation about when his next album was set to release and rumors had always been flying for years. He remained quiet and mysterious.

“Blonde” finally released after an increase in rumors of a potential release in July of 2016. Its release in August was accompanied by a visual album called “Endless.” “Blonde” charted at number one on the Billboard 200 at one point.

“Blonde” contains 17 songs and features artists like Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, and more. About half of the songs contain explicit material and the album does have a parental advisory warning.

“Blonde” is an exceptional album from Frank Ocean and proves that Frank Ocean can pretty much only make good music. However, it does not live up to the years of hype, or attention, that it received.

Some of the most popular songs on the album include “Ivy,” “Nights,” “Pink + White,” and “Nikes.” The whole album contains his smooth and usually slow beats. Frank Ocean seems to focus a lot on his amazing vocals and highlights them against a usually simple beat in the background.

“Ivy,” one of the most played songs from Frank Ocean on Spotify, has a catchy but quiet beat in the background. Ocean utilizes his wide range of vocals to make it a hit from the album.

His songs each have a distinct “Frank Ocean” feel to them. Each one, including his songs from his previous album, are so unique and something different from most popular songs.

However, the majority of “Blonde” songs don’t seem to have the same catchiness as “Channel Orange” did. It is still quality music, there is no question about it, yet “Channel Orange” seems like the clear better album.

When listening to “Channel Orange,” people wanted to continue putting the album on loop, with pretty much every song being a “non-skip song.” In “Blonde” there are quite a few times people just want to skip to a certain song or they just aren’t feeling that song that day.

Frank Ocean’s new album is still enough to merit a solid, quality B+ rating. It just seems like it is missing something that “Channel Orange” had.

Frank Ocean does not get much radio play from either album, but definitely deserves it. He is already widely popular without the use of radio and he would blow up even more with it.

If history repeats itself, Frank Ocean will most likely disappear for another few years, quietly working on more music. He will always be a highly anticipated artist to release new music.