Project Almanac

If you enjoy sci-fi, watch this thrilling movie! Photo via Paramount Pictures

If you enjoy sci-fi, watch this thrilling movie! Photo via Paramount Pictures

Although it was not the most creative idea for filming a movie, Project Almanac was still impressive and even eerie at some points.

The whole movie is filmed through a handheld camera that is carried by the main character’s sister.  This was exactly like the format of various well-known horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project and the many Paranormal Activity films.

Other than that aspect of the movie, I thought the plot was enjoyable, and the plot twist at the end was especially interesting.

The film begins with a teen named David, accompanied by his friends and sister, who is trying to create an invention to get a college scholarship.  His goal is to receive a scholarship that is large enough that his widowed mother does not have to end up in financial debt and sell their house.

In order to find some ideas for an invention, David searches through his father’s old workshop in the basement.  While looking through plans, he stumbles upon blueprints for a time machine.

David and his friends work on the time machine for a good portion of the movie, and this part is slow moving and a little boring. But once they successfully build the machine, the events that follow are out of control.  David and his friends use the time machine for basic things like going back to a class they failed and trying to change their grades, but this spirals into using the time machine for larger tasks. They use it to win the lottery so David’s mother doesn’t end up in debt.

The uses of the time machine slowly escalate to the point that it influences their futures drastically and puts people in life or death situations.

The ending of the movie has the audience waiting in suspense and wondering how David is going to resolve all the problems.

This movie is made for teens of this generation with references to modern slang and current events.  It also has unique sci-fi qualities that give the audience the feelings of suspense and often confusion.