Tris returns as the dauntless leader of the rebellion. Photo from Flickr via Mike Mozart under Creative Commons license

On March 20, Insurgent hit theaters. Millions of Divergent fans had been looking forward to the next film for months.  If you’re not familiar with series, here is a quick summary. The Divergent series is based on a dystopian society broken up by factions.  When protagonist Beatrice (Tris) Prior finds out that  her society is not as perfect as it seems, she sets out on a mission to set things right.

For anyone who has seen Divergent, watching the power couple, Tris and Four, develop their relationship is one of the highlights.  Insurgent has even more scenes with the couple together, and the film shows how they have to literally fight for their love.

Jeanine, the villain in the story, has her background broken down in the film. Insurgent breaks through the surface and explains why Jeanine is how she is. In addition, Insurgent has plenty more simulations that will keep you at the edge of your seats.  These simulations almost push Tris to her breaking point.

If you are “dauntless” enough see Insurgent, go and experience the phenomenon for yourself.