The D.U.F.F. – Definitely Unique and Funny Film

Are you the DUFF? Photo under Creative Commons license


Are you the DUFF? Photo under Creative Commons license

I was not exactly excited to see The DUFF  when my friends asked me if I wanted to watch it.  I was mainly going to spend time with my friends whom I had not seen in a while, but I’m glad I saw it.

My first thoughts about the film were pretty negative. I thought it was going to be a desperate attempt at a potential “teen classic,” but it was really an accurate and comedic portrayal of our generation.

The main character, Bianca Piper, was definitely entertaining.

Bianca Piper is played by Mae Whitman, who is also known for her role as Mary Elizabeth in Perks of Being a Wallflower. Bianca is an average girl who is friends with the most popular and most beautiful girls in school.

While at a party, Bianca’s friend tells her that she is considered the DUFF, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend.  In order to escape this label, she tries to change her high school lifestyle.

Bianca makes the whole audience laugh through her comedic commentary and humorous actions in her attempt to change her “DUFF” label.

This movie was not the funniest I’ve seen, nor was I really impressed with how the movie ended. However, it did keep my friends and me entertained with its light humor and interesting plot.