Maze Runner Review

Julie Wood, Staff Writer

When I saw the commercials for Maze Runner, my first question was why that guy from Teen Wolf and the socially awkward character from We’re the Millers were in the same movie together. It seemed like a strange hero-villain duo since they were both known for certain roles outside of this movie. To my surprise, Dylan O’ Brien and Will Poulter had amazing performances portraying the characters Thomas and Gally. I had only viewed them in their most acclaimed roles as Stiles and Kenny, but they shocked me with their dramatic and intense acting.

Other than their acting skills and portrayal of these characters, the movie itself was also amazing, though it reminded me of the Hunger Games.  The story revolves around a group of boys who were placed into the middle of a maze, with no memory of their backgrounds or lives. It is their mission to try to escape the maze. This may seem like a simple task, but there are creatures always ready to attack in the maze, and the maze closes at certain times–making it difficult for some people to return to safety.

When Thomas (O’ Brien) arrives, everything changes. The maze becomes even more challenging, and Thomas is the only one with a little knowledge of his background. With determination, he leads the rest of the boys in an attempt to escape the dangerous maze.

This film adaptation of the Maze Runner series was not a disappointment to fans of the books.  Although some film adaptations are completely different when compared to the books, the Maze Runner film was almost exactly like the book, or even better.  Elizabeth Huhn, junior, said, “It’s one of the few movies that I think is better than the book.  I thought the effects were very well done, and I absolutely loved it!”

The Maze Runner is a must-see and will leave the audience in anticipation for the next film in the series, which is set to be released later in 2015.