Ghost Stories Review


Photo from davidcallidae via Flickr under Creative Commons license

Coldplay’s newest album, Ghost Stories, was released on May 19.  It features nine introspective songs and three bonus ones on the deluxe version. This is the band’s sixth album and has already topped the charts for number one album, making this their fourth consecutive chart-topping album since 2005. So far, Ghost Stories is the highest selling album in 2014 with 383,000 copies sold and counting.

The most anticipated songs for this album, and some of my personal favorites, are “Magic” and “A Sky Full of Stars,’ which were both released earlier this year. The album has a down-tempo vibe due to the more emotional and soulful lyrics evoked from the band’s leader, Chris Marten’s, relationship ups and downs with Gwyneth Paltrow. The lyrics reflect a softer side that Coldplay has to offer, instead of the stadium-rock work that put the band on the map.

Even with a different sound, Coldplay still managed to top the charts with its debut of Ghost Stories.  Fans received the album well, but critics are calling the album, “a series of songs that are fragile, plain, and forgettable” (Fitzmaurice). I personally like the album, but I do agree that some songs are too dreary for my liking. Ghost Stories isn’t their best album, but is still good nonetheless. I give them props for trying a different sound that’s more personal than we’re used to. I think people just need time to adjust to the band’s new downtempo feel to really appreciate Ghost Stories.