New Year’s Resolutions

Photo Courtesy Her Campus

Photo Courtesy Her Campus

New Year’s is quickly approaching, and as 2014 rolls in we think about what we want to do better in the coming year. It gives us a chance to look inside ourselves and see the change we want to make to live a better lifestyle. Maybe it’s a huge goal like running a marathon, or maybe it’s a lifestyle change to be a better person.  As you think about your New Year’s resolution, here are some common themes of New Year’s resolutions from this year (according to the responses of 32 people):

Being a Better Person: This theme came up a lot because it’s very general and can mean a lot of things. Some goals that fell under this theme included being more considerate, being a better friend, and being more honest.

School, Organization, and Time Management: This theme came up a lot because it’s very practical and relevant. Some goals for this theme included not procrastinating, being more on top of things, and doing all homework.

Living a More Healthy Lifestyle: These make up the most stereotypical New Year’s resolutions, but the theme always comes up. This is because, especially around the holidays when are eating habits aren’t exactly the best, we try to make that change to be healthier in the new year. Some goals under this theme included drinking more water, exercising more, and eating healthier.

Individual Specific Goals: This makes up a lot of people’s resolutions because they are very specific to one’s life and aren’t broad or vague. Some resolutions that fell under this category included running a half marathon, improving at an instrument, and being more flexible for dance.

The new year is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to make a resolution or two. There’s no way to improve yourself if you don’t set goals, so take this opportunity to set some of your own for 2014. Goals can be simple to achieve or can take the whole rest of the year to accomplish, but no matter what your goal is for 2014, the most important part is to work towards it!

Most people abandon their resolution by the time January ends (or sooner), but I challenge you to reach your goals or still be dedicated by the time you set them again next December. So, as the snow starts to fall and holiday songs flood the radio, take a moment to make your New Year’s resolution so you have something to look forward to when the ball drops!