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The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

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Local high school students show up to prom riding dinosaur; “Limousines are a thing of the past”


PENNSYLVANIA – With prom season slowly coming to a close, there’s been a large sum of excessive ways people have taken their dates to prom. For most, cars have already become a thing of the past. Some individuals responded with a simple “no” after being asked if they’d like to show up to prom in their date’s brand new Tesla, because people don’t settle for anything less than they’re worth. 

For the greater proportion of high school students, limousines are the way to go. For years, people have been showing up in long, sleek, super-stretches to a dance they will remember for the rest of their lives. Will they remember how much they spent on the limo? They sure hope not.

Some years, we have even seen things as extreme as people riding fire trucks and, occasionally, students on horseback. When asked why they picked such an extravagant gesture, most individuals respond with “I just wanted to show my date how much I cared about them by bringing them to our prom in something I’ve never seen before!” And local high school senior Theodore “Ted” Scott did just that. 

When his girlfriend, Pamela Swanson, and him started dating, they quickly realized their mutual love for fossils and prehistoric times. When talking about favorite movies, Ted tells us they “both said Jurassic Park in sync, like we had rehearsed it!”

So, to show Pam how much he loves and cares about her, he found a free weekend and did what any normal high schooler would do: he found the closest dinosaur laboratory and asked, “how much for a stegosaurus?”

Of course, they weren’t happy with the barbed wire he had to cut through to even get in, and Ted says that it took a few hours of him banging on steel-plated doors. But nevertheless, the paleontologists were eventually annoyed enough to hear him out.

“We had never heard of someone taking their date to prom on a dinosaur before,” said Dr. Channing, head scientist at Archeology Labs. When Channing recollected what made him finally give in to Ted, he recalled, “he just looked so sweet, and we saw literally zero problems with it.”

Ted tells us that he was brought into the lab and was able to choose what kind of dinosaur he wanted to take to his “night of nights.”  When he quickly spit out that he wanted a stegosaurus, they said that was the only dinosaur not available at the moment. According to Dr. Channing, this led Ted to have a bit of a meltdown in the middle of the laboratory before he reluctantly settled on a T-Rex.

When asked if this was a good idea, given the events that occurred in the Jurassic Park film series, Dr. Channing quickly responded, “yeah we don’t subscribe to that lifestyle.”

A few days prior to the dance, Ted executed the basic “poster board pun” prom-posal, with Pam saying she was “underwhelmed.” She spent the afternoon before the dance doing her hair and makeup and making sure that in all of the pictures that night, she would look perfect. That was until she saw her knight in shining armor on his noble steed. The steed being a T-Rex, naturally.

According to Ted, the other high schoolers wasted no time leaving one of the most important nights of their lives to go outside and pet the dinosaur. As for the end of the night, about 15 students were injured with one having just escaped the vicious bite of the dino. When we asked Channing if he figured this catastrophic event would happen, he said, “wait did we give him one of the ones that eat meat?”

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