Race for the Presidency: 2024 Election So Far

It’s almost that time. Again.

Next year is election year, meaning candidates are already announcing their plans to run for the Oval Office in November. President Biden has not officially stated whether or not he is planning on running for sure. He has, though, made hints indicating he does have plans to run.

On the Republican side, former President Trump has decided that he will be running for the presidency. By Trump announcing his run for the office, Republicans chances of defeating Biden are projected to decrease. Considering President Trump was already defeated in 2020, it is not the smartest decision to decide to run again. If the American people already voted Trump out of the office, the likelihood of them putting him back in are extremely low.

It’s not just Biden on the Democratic side of candidates. Marianne Williamson, who ran for President in 2020, announced her bid to run—and caught the attention of many young Americans. Her campaign is dedicated to bringing a sense of freshness to the White House.

Marianne William made national headlines in the 2020 Election when she deemed Flint, Michigan “the tip of the iceberg” in the climate crisis. Williamson opposes Biden’s lack of policy to combat climate change.

Williamson is intelligent, strong, and well-spoken—however, she lacks the experience to be Commander in Chief. President Biden holds a much stronger resumé, having served in public office for over 50 years.

On the Republican front, Nikki Haley announced her intention of running against former President Trump. Haley was known to be a strong supporter of Trump during his administration, making it difficult for her to run against him.

Despite Haley and Trump being the only official Republican nominations, there’s one figure that is projected to shake things up in the primary: Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has yet to officially announce his bid for the 2024 presidency. However, during the governor debate for Florida in 2022, he refused to state if he would run for President.

Both Trump and DeSantis display similar characteristics and policies; however, DeSantis is seen as more of a champion in the Republican Party nowadays. During his governorship in Florida, DeSantis undermined COVID-protocols, which apparently makes him a freedom upholder. Reality tells a different story: Florida is known for being one of the most unsuccessful states when it comes to keeping COVID cases low.

Many Americans who identify as Republicans have decided to discard Trump as a prominent leader. Trump formerly abandoned the interests of Republicans when he staged a coup, damaging the credibility of the party. This gives DeSantis an extreme advantage—one that has the potential to swing Independent voters.

Will any other Democrats run in 2024 against Joe Biden? Well, if the party wants to ensure an election win, putting forth a different candidate would be the safest option. As of now, Biden holds a 38% approval rating—which is extremely unfavorable for a sitting President.

The moral of the story is that if either party wants a genuine shot at winning the Presidency, their best bet is to put forth a young and fresh candidate. If the Democrats decide to put Biden again, his low acceptance rate and older age will jeopardize a 2-term presidency. If the Republicans, on the other hand, elect Trump, he will be rejected again—similar to the previous election.

Between the next few months, debates, primary elections, and extreme division will define the setup for 2024. Sounds like 2020, right?