Everything You Need to Know About CB South’s Black vs. Blue Night


CB South is bracing for Black vs. Blue, coming up quickly on March 30th, 2023. For those who have not experienced this event in previous years at CB South– Black vs. Blue is an annual tradition that consists of a multitude of academic, game-night based, and even athletic events! Some academic events will possibly include geography bee and other games, that are to be determined closer to the event. The game-night based events will possibly include family feud, jeopardy, and other games.

Whether you are athletic, academic-oriented, or pop-culture informed – Black vs Blue is the night for you! Every year, Black vs. Blue Night always has a specific theme—this year being the Black Shields and the Blue Swords. Each team has a total of 3-4 captains per grade, totaling twenty captains.

Despite the gym-night component of this event being on March 30th, there will be multiple ways to demonstrate spirit and excitement leading up to this date. Blue Swords Captain, Bree

Muntz, encourages more people to sign up—saying she is “excited” for the night of the games, and that there can never be too many team members!

Gianna Grumer, a captain of the Black Shields, is extremely “excited and enthusiastic” for the event. Gianna participated in Black vs. Blue last year, which ultimately is the reason she decided to become a captain for the 2023 games. Not only is Gianna a captain for this event, she also obtains the Secretary of Public Relations position in the Junior class. Gianna was elected by the student body, and she states that “without the group of officers that came together, there would be no black vs. blue this year.”

For more information pertaining the Black vs. Blue Event, follow the Instagram account @cbsouth_blackvsblue.

Whether you be a Black Shield or Blue Sword—the Black vs. Blue event is an undeniably fun night; filled with competition, spirit, and games!