CB South’s Writing Center: A Valuable Resource for South Students

With finals approaching at lightning speed, it can be a struggle to manage the ever-increasing workload. But CB South students who need help with their writing assignments — whether that be AP Language & Composition or World History — need look no further than CB South’s very own Writing Center.

The Center made its official opening at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, replacing the CB South Student Activities Center, and is home to more than 40 trained student tutors.

Students need only visit the South Writing Center Homepage and create an account on the WC Online to sign up for a tutor session during Lunch and Learn 1 or 2.

Tutors can be selected based on classes or grade (categories include “AP specific writing” and “Best for grade 10/11 & 12 writers”) or even take the time to preview a tutor’s bio to find someone they feel most comfortable with.

And even those who do not make appointments are still welcome to come by the Writing Center for a walk-in session with one of the tutors available on stand-by.

However, the Writing Center is not solely limited to tutoring sessions. Each month students have the chance to attend Event Sessions on a variety of topics or put their writing skills to the test by entering their work in competitions.

Past events have included grammar review sessions, horror writing sessions, college essay workshops, and even guest speakers while competitions range from the monthly Word of the Week challenge to the latest 1-2 sentence Caption Contest.

And as for those who are not looking to be tutored, but would like to become a tutor themselves, the Writing Center has two options available. Students can choose to participate in 10–14-week training courses during Lunch and Learn or enroll in the Becoming a Better Writer course. Both options take place under the guidance of Ms. Tannous, the Writing Center Director.

The Writing Center is a valuable resource, both for students and for teachers, and a place for writers to collaborate. It is a place to work through the writing process, a place to develop skills, and a place to learn and grow as a writer.

Visit https://www.cbsd.org/Page/65430, follow them on Instagram @cbsouth_writingcenter, or email [email protected] for more information.

Or visit https://cbsouth.mywconline.com/schedule.php to sign up for a tutoring appointment.