Eagles vs Cardinals Week 5 Predictions

The Philadelphia Eagles play the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday at 4:25 PM EST in Glendale, Arizona. See how some of our writers see the game going:


The Philadelphia Eagles play the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. This will be the game to watch this week. By far, the Cardinals will present the most challenging competition for the Eagles.

Kyler Murray looks to lead his team to their first home win this season. Arizona’s run defense is elite, allowing only 87 yards on the ground; they are ranked 5th in the league. Philly’s run defense is ranked 9th in the league, allowing 100.3 yards on the ground.

However, for Arizona’s pass defense, it doesn’t look so good. The 255.8 yards per game the Cardinals allow through the air ranks them 23rd in the league. On the other hand, Philly’s pass defense ranks 6th in the league allowing only 177 yards per game.

The Eagles will have to attack through the air since, offensively, they are ranked 6th in the NFL with 270.3 yards per game. Additionally, their rush attack ranks 5th in the league with 165.3 yards per game.

My prediction is that Hurts will surpass 300 yards passing this game. Statically, in four games this year, Hurts has gone over 249.5 passing yards twice. Hurts has also thrown for a touchdown in two of four games this season and thrown for multiple touchdown passes in one of those games.

He will also be a danger in the run game. Arizona’s defense will be occupied by stopping Miles Sanders since he is coming off a career game. Sanders finished with 29 touches, 156 scrimmage yards (134 rushing yards), two touchdowns, and no fumbles. So there will be plenty of opportunities for Hurts to get a big run off the play selection.

The Cardinals used a big second half to rally against the Carolina Panthers and leave with the win. However, Arizona’s offense was nonexistent in the first half.

Nothing was going for them; the run plays were getting stopped short, and pass plays were not connecting. Then, in the second quarter, Murray made a horrible read and got picked by Frankie Luvu for a 33 Yd Interception Return.

In the second half, their offense started to turn up. Eight minutes into the third quarter, Kyler passed to Zach Ertz for a 2-yard touchdown. They finished off the quarter by kicking a field goal, and they also started the fourth by kicking another.

The Cardinals marched the field one minute later, and Kyler Murray rushed for a touchdown. Later in the game, Kyler connected with Marquise Brown for a 23-yard touchdown pass.

The Cardinal’s defense did not let up a score until 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter when Christian McCaffrey caught a 13 Yd pass from Baker Mayfield.

The concern for the Eagles is that they don’t seem to make anything happen in the second half. The Eagles have been outscored 36-20 after halftime; they are the first team in NFL history to score at least 24 first-half points in consecutive games and then get shut out in the second half.

Twenty-two second-half points in four games are concerning. Hopefully, they build a big enough lead in the first half to lead them to the win. Throughout the season, the Eagles have scored 72 points in the first half, the most in the NFL this year before halftime and the most in franchise history. In the first half, the Eagles outscored the Lions, Vikings, Commanders, and Jaguars 99-42.

The prediction for the game is 31-21, Philadelphia.


When an undefeated team continues to win, every game becomes “a trap game.” The Eagles verse the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday on the road. I believe the defense will be tested in the battle of the birds.

Although DeAndre Hopkins is still suspended, Hollywood Brown and Zach Ertz have been great weapons for Kyler Murray so far this season. Kyler Murray has led his team to start 2-2, but they have been shaky.

Their offense is very explosive at times, but it seems to stall, and their defense makes mistakes. So far this season, they have versed great offenses in the Chiefs and Rams, so their defense may be better than the stats show.

Going into this game, both teams have significant injuries. Both teams have their starting kickers out, and although that may not equate to a loss in touchdowns, in a game where 3 points could mean the difference between a win or loss, the stakes are high. However, both teams have backups ready, who may become the game’s heroes.

So far this season, the Cardinals only have four sacks, which is last in the NFL. Going against the Eagles’ offensive line, which is playing phenomenally, it’s hard to see how the defense will stop Jalen Hurts and this dynamic offense.

The Eagles have shown they can win a game by running or passing;  they have had at least two rushing touchdowns in three of their four games. Through the air, Jalen Hurts has the 5th most passing yards in the league, with AJ Brown having 404 yards in 4 games.

I think this game will initially be competitive but will become a blowout in the third quarter. I have the Eagles becoming 5-0, winning 34-21.