All of the Sixers Action You May Have Missed This Off-Season

The NBA season is rapidly approaching, so the time has come for Sixers fans to prepare themselves for a new year. Another off-season has gone by, and Daryl Morey has once again worked his genius. Here is a timeline of all of the Sixers moves you may have missed this off-season.  


June 23- Sixers Trade for De’Anthony Melton 

Despite trading away their only pick, the Sixers had quite the eventful draft night. Just minutes before their turn to pick, the Sixers traded away their only draft pick, along with Danny Green, to the Grizzlies for guard De’Anthony Melton.  

This trade should be beneficial to the team this upcoming season. It is unlikely that Danny Green would’ve produced good numbers after coming off a torn ACL last season, and Melton’s spectacular defense and 3-point shooting prowess are precisely what the team needs. His stats were better last year than at any other point in his career, so it seems the Sixers have acquired him at the top of his game.  


July 1- Sixers Sign Trevelin Queen 

On July 1, the Sixers announced their signing of former Houston Rocket and 2021-22 G-League MVP Trevelin Queen. Last year with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Queen averaged over 25 points per game and led the G-League in steals per game. 

It is hard to tell whether Queen’s success will transfer over to the NBA, but it is hard to argue with his type of numbers. At the very least, he can bring a burst of energy off the bench when needed. 


July 6- Sixers Sign PJ Tucker and Danuel House Jr.  

Also in July, Daryl Morey announced the team’s signings of PJ Tucker and Danuel House Jr., with $33.2 million and $8.4 million contracts, respectively. 

 Although Tucker came at a steep price for his age of 37, he will most likely be a starter this year and hopefully can keep up that level for the duration of his three-year contract. Tucker is rarely injured and will be a constant enforcer presence for the Sixers. In addition, he adds some much-needed toughness to the team. 

As for House Jr., he will help add to the Sixers’ depth at both the shooting guard and small forward positions. Although he experienced a bit of a slump this year, House Jr. has produced over ten points per game in the past. He has demonstrated his ability to contribute to the team, and Morey seems to believe he will get back to producing his old numbers this year. 


July 27- Sixers Re-Sign James Harden  

July turned out to be an eventful month for the team, and this trend continued on July 27, when the Sixers made their most significant move of the off-season. The team re-signed all-star guard James Harden to a 2-year, $68.6 million deal.  

Harden was a massive part of the team last year, and it had previously been unclear if he would return for the 2022-23 season. He has been working and conditioning hard in the off-season and should be an even more significant part of the Sixers’ offense this upcoming season.  


September 13- Sixers Sign Montrezl Harrell  

Finally, on September 13, the Sixers announced their signing of center Montrezl Harrell. Harrell played under Doc Rivers with the Clippers from 2017 to 2020, during which he won the Kia Sixth Man of the Year Award. 

 Harrell averaged just over six rebounds per game last season, so his rebounding abilities and imposing figure will definitely fit the team’s needs for the upcoming season.  


What to Expect 

Many fans were disappointed after the Sixers lost to the Heat in the second round of the 2022 playoffs, continuing their lack of playoff success over the last several years. Despite seeming to improve the team each year, the second round has been an impenetrable barrier for the Sixers. 

With improvements to both the offensive and defensive sides of the court, this year could be the year for the Sixers to see their long-awaited success finally.