Let’s All be Kind Like Joey

The 3rd annual Kind Like Joey 5k was held this Sunday, May 1st, at 8:30 am! The Kind Like Joey Foundation was created following the tragic passing of Joey Edwards, a student at Unami. The Foundation honors his memory and his spirit through promoting acts of kindness throughout the school district.  

The Kind Like Joey Foundation works year-round to create awareness of the importance of kindness in our community and to raise funds that can be used for student scholarships. The 5k races have been held since 2019. Last year, the race was held virtually because of the COVID 19 pandemic, but the race has returned to an in-person event this year. Every person participating in the 5k not only helps raise money for the Foundation, but their participation also helps support the Foundation’s mission and honors the legacy of Joey. 

In addition to races, the Kind Like Joey Foundation also hosts a golf outing each year. This year’s outing will be held all day from 12:00 to 10:00pm on Friday, September 9th. 

Another annual event is held on June 9th, which is Joey’s birthday. People are encouraged to do random acts of kindness for others. They do not need to be grand gestures, but little things such as holding the door for someone or giving someone a smile when you pass them in the hallway. 

With the money from the fundraisers, The Kind Like Joey Foundation offers 2 scholarships to each high school. A refreshing change, the scholarships are based not on G.P.A. rather, applicants are evaluated based on the ways in which they have demonstrated kindness towards others.  

The Kind Like Joey Foundation encourages everyone to show up and help support the legacy of Joey Edwards. If you could not attend this weekend, there are many opportunities to volunteer for this organization. And if you don’t have time to do that, then do a random act of kindness today. In honor of Joey.