The Short and Sweet Truth on Shortages


Whether you are currently employed or not, it has become abundantly clear to any who relies on any type of service or good that there are shortages.
Buses are in high demand with little faith in replenished resources. Hospitals continue to suffer through their supply shortage. And even big corporations like Starbucks have begun to close on certain days due to their lack of employees. What does that mean for our future?
For one, as we approach the holiday season, do not expect anything other than slow. Slow shipping. Slow processing. Slow employees – trust me they are just as fed up as you are.
This, in turn, has contributed to a large number of employees looking for a change. Pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent report released Friday, November 12th, the quitting rate has risen to a staggering high, 4.4 million people.
Retail, in particular, has taken a large hit in the recent year, with employee quitting rates increasing by 1.3% from September of 2020 to September of this year. But, with such a demand for help, companies are beginning to raise their starting prices. Department stores bound to be swarmed during the holiday seasons – Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target to name a few – are paying more to starting employees and even more to those who work during the holidays.
Regardless, plenty of companies have been struggling to keep up. As supply chain shortages continue to be a pressing concern, the atmosphere going into the holidays is anything but light and cheery. Companies have been fighting back-logs on orders for months and larger companies that expect big holiday buzz, like Converse, have begun advertising their shipping times right as you enter their website – as of now you must have ordered by November 15th to even receive your package by Christmas. Even Christmas trees have been rumored to be in shortage due to a decrease in labor.
That being said, be patient in these upcoming holidays, and order early!