Metotep: CB South’s Literary & Art Magazine

Metotep: CB South’s Literary & Art Magazine

Metotep is CB South’s very own literary and art magazine. The club emphasizes the promotion of awareness and appreciation for the expressive arts as well as the development of student participation through shared interests.

Every year, club members work to compile creative student works culminating in one major publication at the end of each school year.

Throughout the year, students can submit projects that they have completed in classes or things that they have produced in their free time to be published in the club’s final publication. Submissions range from essays, short stories, poetry, and narratives to sketches, paintings, pictures of sculptures, and photographs.

“Metotep accepts any expressive art that students want put out to a larger audience,” says club advisor Mrs. Tannous.

The theme of each end-of-the-year publication is chosen by club members based on the works collected. Together, members decide what parts of the collection they would like to amplify in order present a cohesive project.
However, Metotep also involves students in other ways. The club holds various competitions, sometimes with prizes, that students may participate in including the most recent Fall Art & Writing Contest.

Traditionally, Metotep would also host two coffeehouses each year. During these meetings, people would be invited to read poetry, showcase their work, and promote the arts while also being offered a preview of the final publication. Although these events might still be able to occur, COVID conditions and a lack of participation in the club pose additional challenges.

Metotep aims to provide a forum where students of like-minded interests can collaborate and showcase the identity of the student body.

“I want people to find a place for themselves at South; a place where people who are artistic and
creative can challenge themselves in ways that go beyond the classroom environment,” says Mrs. Tannous.
Current club members also share an appreciation of Metotep.

“I joined because I think it creates a great opportunity for me to expand my communication skills,” says Sophiya Iurchak. “I enjoy the judgement free atmosphere at Metotep, and I would ask others to join because I think it is a fun and lighthearted environment that makes you learn more about the interests of your peers.”

Despite returning this year, Metotep has suffered from the effects of COVID and other factors.

“We’ve lost a sense of tradition,” Mrs. Tannous says, “as people have graduated, we’ve lost leaders and the establishment of culture. Our goal this year is to regain that excitement, enthusiasm, and energy…”

Though Metotep has already held several meetings, people are encouraged to join or submit their work via QR codes that can be found on posters around the school. Meetings are held weekly in Room C201 on Thursdays after school. Though they usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, students are free to come and go as they please. During meetings, the club creates posters and brainstorms ideas and ways to stimulate participation and
awareness for the club.
To learn more about Metotep and keep up to date on submissions and competitions, students can follow Metotep on Instagram at south_metotep or email Mrs. Tannous at [email protected] for more information.