Week 6 Eagles


The Eagles lost 28-22 on Thursday Night Football in Philadelphia. The Eagles are a mess right now. In some games, their offense is excellent, but the defense is just mediocre, and in others, it is the opposite. In this game, both sides of the ball appeared anywhere from passable to downright below basic.
The offense was 3 for 10 on third down and could not sustain a drive. It could be the coach’s fault or Jalen’s, but regardless, the offensive errors must subside if the Eagles wish to excel at competitive football. The Eagles passed for 113 yards averaging a low 4 yards per pass. The offense gained more yards from penalties—120 yards, mainly from pass interference. They rushed for 100 yards averaging 5.3 yards an attempt. They started to run the ball with Miles Sanders late in the game, but it was too late by then. If the Eagles want to sustain drives, they must run on first down and establish the run early. Run up the gut and make defenses scared of Miles Sanders.
Jalen Hurts exhibits a very erratic performance. He struggled with his accuracy in this game, missing open receivers and scrambling early under pressure. He looked good running the ball, but his passing must improve. He is still a rookie in the eyes of many, and is quick to lose his calm. Still, if he doesn’t learn from his mistakes and improve this season, it will not be surprising if the Eagles make a quick change at quarterback, from the draft or a trade.
The Eagles only drew 4 penalties, which is excellent as it is much lower than earlier games in the season. The team seemed disciplined which will definitely benefit the offense and defense to play great football.
The defense displayed passable proficiency; they forced an interception and were able to stop the Buccaneers offense a few times. The Buccaneers were 7 for 13 on third down and were quite efficient in their passing attack, averaging 7 yards a completion. In addition, they rushed for 102 yards but only averaged 3.3 yards a carry. This is a positive sign for this defense, who in the past could not stop the run and allowed offenses to run up and down the field as much as they pleased.
Looking to the future, if the defense continues to play as they have against the Buccaneers, they will deliver a solid game. They had zero sacks this game, but if they continue stopping the run and giving the quarterback a hard time, I expect them to be a bright spot for the Eagles.
Overall a score of 28-22 makes the game seem close, but the Eagles seemed outmatched in every facet of the game. I think they have young potential and room to improve. Their schedule gets easier from here on out, so if the Eagles wish to remain competitive, they must win next week.

Eagles Fantasy Prediction:
Jalen Hurts had a good fantasy performance against one of the better defenses in the league, getting a total of 25 fantasy points. I predict that against the Raiders, Hurts will get anywhere from 27-30 points.
Miles Sanders had another bad game last week, getting only 8.6 points. However, the Eagles started to run the ball more near the end of the game which is promising. Also, earlier this week the Offensive Coordinator of the Eagles stated that they need to use Sanders more. Because of this, I predict that Sanders will get from 12-15 points next week.
Devonta Smith had a hard time against the Bucs defense last week only getting 5.1 points last week. The Bucs secondary was beaten up but the Eagles’ offense struggled to move the ball down the field with bad play calling and poor passing from Hurts. However, because they are playing the Raiders, I think that he can get from 10-13 points this week. Devonta Smith should see more targets and the offense overall should play better with more time to prepare.
Dallas Goedert did not play last week due to being on the Covid reserve list, but he has been activated to play this week. Also, with Zach Ertz recently being traded to the Cardinals, it brings up Goedert’s fantasy value. So, if he does play this week, I can see him getting from 12-15 points.
Expectations for Week 7:
The Philadelphia Eagles put down a showing against the Buccaneers, and they have seemed to improve a bit on both sides of the ball. Though this loss is not considered a statistical win, the defense and offense played more consistently. They played better ball than Week 2 against the Niners and Week 3 against the Cowboys.

The Eagles played good football, causing good penalties that forced the defense to give up yards, and holding Tom Brady and company (the number 1 offense right now) to just 400 yards total. The Eagles & #39; defense also forced Tom Brady to one interception on Sunday, giving the Eagles defense something to look forward to moving into week 7. The Eagles & #39; defense still has some problems with missed tackles. Still, it appears that Jonathan Gannon, the defensive coordinator, is getting the team back together, making sure to avoid getting as many penalties
and working the ball out in coverage.

The Eagles offense was able to pull out critical penalties to get extra yards and eventually extra points. Hurt’s running ability was also on full display with his two touchdowns on the ground. However, something that the Eagles must focus on improving is Hurt’s ability to throw. Hurts was very inconsistent Thursday as he let the ball either go too far from the receiver, over the receiver, or too low to be caught. If Hurts wants to be a quarterback in this league for years to come, he must prove that he can be reliable when passing the ball.

The Birds travel to Allegiant Stadium to face off against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday (10/24). The Raiders were a hot team coming into the season but have cooled off the last two game as they are coming off a 2-game losing streak (currently 3-2).

Drama is piling up in Las Vegas as Jon Gruden was fired over his racist and misogynistic comments in emails from 10 years ago that piled up over this past month. Rich Bisaccia, the interim Head Coach with the raiders, seems like he might be the Head coach for now. The Raiders clearly have locker room troubles with everything that is happening in Las Vegas. It is fair to suspect that the team might not perform as well, as a bitter culture has sprung
up in Las Vegas following the leaving of Jon Gruden.

Talking players, this Raiders team is no more talented than the Eagles are in my perspective. The Eagles’ offense and defense should be able to match the Raiders' offense and defense if they are able to shut down stars like Josh Jacobs, Henry Ruggs III, and Darren Waller on offense, and stars like Max Crosby and Cory Littleton on defense.

I see the Eagles improving on the season and starting to turn the season around. The Raiders should put up a fight against the Eagles as the Raiders still have some exceptionally talented players. However, I see the Eagles coming out on top of this one in a 27-21 nail-biter in Allegiant Stadium on Sunday and see themselves advancing to 3-4 on the road.