South Boys’ First Round of Districts and Soccer Season

This season of soccer, it seemed the Titans would be the winners in the first round of Districts against Downingtown West. However, West added more pressure in the second half, and the Titans came up short.

The Titans are led by captains Dan Busichio, Mat Weigner, and Andrew Denno.

South was seeded 15th in districts while Downingtown West was seeded 18th. South was winless in their three previous matches.

The Titans started off the game with a successful and difficult angled shot from senior Dan Busichio ten minutes in. They faced very cold temperatures and hands-off referees. There was no scoring until the near end of the match; senior keeper Matt Weigner had ten saves. Busichio nearly scored again in the second half, but the ball hit the goalpost. It seemed the Titans could outlast Downingtown West, until with four minutes left West scored.

The score became 1-1, and the game was forced into overtime. Weigner saved a goal with three minutes in.

Then the game stretched into a second overtime. It seemed like the game would be settled with penalty kicks, a strong suit for South. However, four minutes into the second overtime Downingtown West scored, and the game was over.

Busichio said of the match, “In the beginning we had more possession in the game and we created some good chances, but towards the middle and end they started adding pressure and playing more direct and hitting long balls, which we struggled with.”

Weigner said, “Downingtown West played a really high pressure game and forced us to be a bit erratic at the back [defense], so we had some errors all night. We weren’t used to playing a team with that much intensity…chasing down every ball and every one of our players. But the last ten minutes of the second half we lost our heads a little, and they had us pinned in our half.”

The boys’ went 10-7-1 in their regular season. They were fourth place in the league (7-6-1). Some highlights from the season included beating seventh seeded North Penn 3-0 and tenth seeded CB West 2-1.

As for the future of South soccer, Busichio said, “I hope this year my team left a legacy for the younger players and for the years to come by setting an example and acting as leaders. I hope to see South soccer continue to play well.”