Reminiscing about NYFW

NYFW (New York Fashion Week) has finally come upon us and just as quickly gone.   Only those on the fashion industry inside have access to the coveted Mercedes Benz Runway Fashion shows.  For that one week, people from around the globe flock to the city known as the “fashion hotspot” to be in on the latest styles.

But how dare we forget those fashion icons seen at each and every runway show, such as queen of fashion Anna Del Russo and others that are up and coming.  Sadly, for most of us, only the rich and famous can manage to buy right off the runway styles that make us salivate when we see them.

At the 2013 Fall NYFW we saw inspiring designs from an array of talented designers that are currently “the new thing.”  Some of the sought-after trends we’re currently fixated on are dark green hues and leather pieces mixed together to make for a cutting edge utility jacket.  In general, layering is currently “in.”  Unfortunately, these are only a tiny snapshot of the hot trends currently gracing the runways.

Catching fashion critics’ eyes, while also being seen on and off the runway this season, is menswear incorporated into women’s clothing.  Tall leather boots that rise above the knee are also the new “thing” now as they give off that chic vibe.  Peplum pieces have recently made a big comeback in the fashion industry, and they seem to be here for good.  Who doesn’t love a slimming piece with a bit of edge?

Impossible as it might seem, those heart stopping styles are seen right at our very own suburban high school as they are modeled in our hallways… except they are replicas by stores like Forever 21 that are sold for much lower, affordable to us, prices.  Have you noticed the style setting fashionistas in our school’s halls who aspire to become fashion icons one day?  Hungry for more fashion inspiration? Stay tuned for our next column!