Ancient Aliens: Truth or Real?

Egypt was built on three things: slaves, bronze… and aliens.  That’s right.  Aliens.  But these aren’t just any aliens; these are ancient aliens.  Popularized by the breakthrough History Channel show of the same name, Ancient Aliens give the answers to seemingly unanswerable questions.

Modern genius and voice of a generation Giorgio Tsoukalos is one of the leading speakers on the ancient astronaut theory.  His groundbreaking theories on ancient civilization are rocking our world (and my socks).  Among his accomplishments was his find that Atlantis flew away, not sank.

I decided to ask a few people in our school their opinion.  One junior, Jack Peters, had great insight.  “Of course they’re real!” he said, ‘How else would humans have built the things they did, or accomplish scientific achievements?  Human ingenuity?  Yeah right.”  Junior, Pat Heaney said, “They’re real, you know.”  He leaned in close and whispered, “the Aliens.”

Teenage heartthrob Nick Brown said, “Ancient Aliens profoundly changed my views world views: from life on other planets to Nazis harvesting alien crystals to build the wonderwaffe.”  How can you argue with that?

There is absolutely no evidence against ancient aliens; therefore, they exist.  Ancient Aliens Debunked, a recent three hour documentary, is a piece of communist garbage that is aimed to taint our minds and steer us away from our true past.

What started as a one-time History Channel documentary turned TV show, Ancient Aliens has transformed the lives and minds of many and all.  Just remember what ol’ Giorgy said: “Is such a thing even possible?  Yes.”