Doug Pederson Is Out, Who Is In?

Well, it’s official. As of January 11, 2021, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has
been fired. Clearly, this was a surprise not just to some of us, but to all Eagles fans throughout
the tri-state area.
Team owner Jeffery Lurie made the final decision after multiple meetings with the (now former)
head coach that grew along the situation revolving Carson Wentz at the QB position.
In a video news conference, Lurie stated, “My first allegiance is, what will be best for the
Philadelphia Eagles and our fans for the next three, four, five years. It’s not based on does
someone deserve to hold their job or deserve to get fired; that’s a different bar.”
Evidently, Lurie’s decision was for the betterment of the team, but the legacy that Pederson left
behind – particularly the first Lombardi trophy – will be engraved in Eagles history.
Pederson ended his five-year stint with a record of 46-39-1 and four playoff wins. More
remarkable is the fact that he is only the eighth head coach in the NFL to win a Super Bowl
within the first two years at the position.
Even Eagles players expressed their farewells through social media, including tight end Zach
Ertz tweeting, “Love you coach” with an image of himself and Pederson high fiving. Safety Rodney
McLeod tweeted a lengthy statement directed towards Doug’s departure as well, stating,
“Wishing my man Dougie P nothing but the best in the next phase of his life. Great coach who
never blinked during our toughest moments over the past 5 seasons. Most importantly made
history in Philly!! First HC to win it! SB 52 Champs. Best of luck.”
Although it is too early to tell, some possible head coaching candidates include Kansas City
Chief’s offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Buffalo Bills’ offensive coordinator Brian Daboll,
and Tennessee Titan’s offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.
With Doug Pederson gone, there remains another vacancy, too: defensive coordinator. Jim
Schwartz announced his step away from coaching on Thursday, January 7, prior to Pederson’s
firing. Soon seeking retirement, Schwartz will not be returning to the Eagles, given his contract
expired at the end of the 2020-21 season.
On top of the two unoccupied coaching positions, the quarterback situation is still at-large. Jalen
Hurts, second-round quarterback from the University of Oklahoma, has taken the starting QB
position since Week 14, after former starting QB Carson Wentz posted numerous interceptions
and a low passer rating.
Proceeding to the 2021 season, the Eagles are likely maintaining Hurts as starting QB, allowing
rumors to spark that Wentz will be soon traded away or released. More likely than not, a final
decision will be made prior to the start of the next season, which will also likely include
adjustments to the remainder of the team such as veterans Zach Ertz, Jason Peters, and DeSean Jackson.