Response to Miss America ‘Miss’ed the Mark


Photo Courtesy IBTimes

Although the Miss America pageant has already ended, the harsh backlash that spawned after the crowning has left a sense of disgrace with our society.

On September 14, Nina Davuluri, the first contestant of Indian descent, was crowned Miss America. Immediately after the announcement of the winner, the whirlwind of social media attacks on Davuluri began, showing how uneducated and judgmental some Americans are. The angry American public lashed out—calling her an “Arab,” “Muslim,” “terrorist,” and other false labels. People wanted an “All-American” Miss America, and many thought that Nina didn’t live up to their expectation of how Miss America should act or look.

But is there really a definition for a “true American”? Everyone in America has different heritages and cultures, so why is it that when a model US citizen is selected to represent our country in a competition, there is such great controversy? Davuluri is just as American as anyone else is; she was raised in America her whole life. Diversity is the main characteristic of America, but it seems as though there are still prejudiced people—as there always will be. Nevertheless, the overwhelming large number of social media attacks is alarming.

It’s a shame that there are still so many close-minded people in America, but luckily, Davuluri isn’t taking the criticism too harshly. She knows that as long as she views herself as “first and foremost American,”  other people’s comments do not matter. She is also launching a campaign called “Circles of Unity” to promote multiculturalism on social media. Maybe one day, the effects of her efforts will be seen.