October Apple Event: Part 4

Now I am going to give my general recommendation on buying:

The jump from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12 is there.

There is a new screen, better cameras, and MagSafe, but I don’t think it is significant enough to get rid of a one-year-old phone.

Almost every company now releases small new things every year, that add up to many changes over 2-4 years when you decide to upgrade.

I have an iPhone 8; it came out three years ago, and it runs like a champ, and I’ll probably continue to use it for another year.

Now you don’t just upgrade because your phone doesn’t work anymore; some want to upgrade because of new features. In that case, I would recommend upgrading if you are coming from an iPhone X or lower. The iPhone X came out in November of 2017.

If you are a new user looking to switch to Apple, this year is a good year to join.

I am also excited for next year because that should be the year Apple perfects their display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and many other features. But if you are going to upgrade and wonder which iPhone 12 to choose, allow me to help.

The iPhone 12 Mini is excellent for people who have small hands or enjoy small phones. The display is smaller, but it has all the same features the 12 has. It is also $100 cheaper.

Now, I do think the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 is the right size for most. The 12 is the best value, it isn’t the Pro, but has most things that everyone wants in a phone, plus some.

With any iPhone 12 you buy, you can trade your old iPhone into Apple. They will give you a discount, up to $250 depending on the phone and condition. That makes the $799 iPhone 12 a $549 phone.

I would only recommend the Pro and Pro Max for either people who love a big 6.7-inch display or want the premium camera features and build quality.

Only tech enthusiasts or someone who appreciates that extra tech will enjoy it. There isn’t a big difference this year between the Pro and the regular 12, so only people who like the iPhone that goes the extra step will find the more expensive phone worth the price and appealing.

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