A Redhead With a Guitar: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a unique kind of singer-songwriter with messy red hair and an interesting flair for rapping, beatboxing, and creativity. Sheeran himself calls his sound “acoustic soul with hip-hop influences.”

His songs revolve around, love, lust, loss, and life expressed in melodies that sooth the soul but also have some fast pace rhythms.

If I could say one thing about Sheeran it would be that he has an amazing way with words. His raw lyrics are what make him special.

Sheeran delivers his messages with lyrics that have the ability to just move you. The English singer has the exceptional capability to make something so wrong sound graceful. Something as simple as a dying bird becomes a story you can’t seem to stop listening to. He makes experiences into pieces of abstract art you can physically hear.

While listening to his music you notice his diversity. His voice can be soft as velvet one moment and strong like fire the next.

If you want a nice, calming sound, Sheeran’s guitar playing is right as rain for you. However, if you want the opposite, he can create a powerful raging sound projecting through a stadium, even causing his guitar to break on stage.

Sheeran marked a commercial breakthrough with his album + (2011) after having released five EPs independently.

According to Sheeran, his album focuses on relationships, but he’s managed to cover all bases within it and more. The ever so typical, of course with his own style, “problem” songs that go from drinking to selling yourself (“Drunk,” and the popular “The A-Team”).

He includes his background story, information on himself,  and his views on doing what he loves with heavy guitar playing, and rapping/beatboxing skills you wouldn’t think he had (“You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”).

He touches on love, the need for it, its complications, and its hardships in an amazing way (“Kiss Me,” “U.N.I.,” “Give Me Love,” “Wake Me Up,” “Small Bump,” and many more). Some of these later became chart toppers. Trust me when I say this, those aren’t all the songs on the album worth listening to.

The redhead with the velvet voice and pure lyrics’ audience is still growing, just like he is. He’s come a far way touring in America by himself and also with Taylor Swift.

His song “The A-Team” was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards, and he performed the song in a duet with Elton John during the ceremony.

If you think Sheeran’s career is coming to an end, you may want to think again because as he says in “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” he’ll “never be anything but a singer-songwriter.”