A Recap of the Eagles’ 2020-21 Games – Jonathan Sim

Starting the season with a record at 1-2-1, the Philadelphia Eagles are quite an embarrassment, considering they were Super Bowl champions only two years ago. Well, what happened? Here is a quick recap of the games the Eagles have played in the 2020-21 season so far:


Week 1:

The Eagles started their season-opener away against the Washington Football Team, whose team name recently changed after years of controversy. The first half was looking fine, with the Eagles up 17-7, but the game took a quick turn of events where the Washington Football Team would score 20 unanswered points, ending the game at a very disappointing 17-27. This game should have been an easy win for the Eagles considering the weakness of Washington, but our offense and defense failed to put up points and prevent points, respectively.


Week 2:

Hoping for some redemption, the Eagles began their first home-opener against the Los Angeles Rams. Throughout the whole game, they fell short of taking the lead in points as the Rams continuously dominated, putting up 21 points in the first half while the Eagles sat at 16 points. The second half was not any better, with the Eagles scoring only 3 points in comparison to the Rams’ 16 points. The game concluded at 37-19, resulting in a 0-2 record for the Eagles.


Week 3:

The Eagles have not started their season this poorly in quite some time, and with a matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, another 0-2 team, they could not afford to lose another game. The first quarter remained relatively quiet with no scores on the board, but the second quarter provided both teams to put up some points, with the Eagles up 13-10 heading into halftime. As the Bengals led 23-16 with seconds left in the fourth quarter, Carson Wentz miraculously [and luckily] rushed for a touchdown that ultimately sent the game into overtime. However, the game did not go anywhere in OT, as the teams traded possessions of the ball and failed to score any points. The Eagles had the opportunity to kick a 58-yard game winning field goal, but a false start on the offense pushed the kick back 5 yards, making it a 63-yard kick. Pederson elected to punt and accept the tie instead, ending the game at 23-23 and even worse, setting their record at a winless 0-2-1.


Week 4:

The Eagles traveled to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA to face the 2-1 San Francisco 49ers in hopes of earning their first win. To make matters slightly easier, the 49ers were missing key players, including starting QB Jimmy Garoppolo and CB Richard Sherman. The game began quite modestly, as the Eagles were up 8-7 by halftime from a two-point conversion on their first touchdown. The Eagles benefited from the 49ers’ weak QB, Nick Mullens, who threw a very poor interception that was returned for a touchdown by the Eagles’ defense. This put the 49ers in a scramble to change their QB and put up points, which they successfully did and moved across the field quickly. Their final Hail Mary attempt failed at the end of the fourth quarter, concluding the game at 25-20 and granting the Eagles their very first win of the season. Their record now sits at 1-2-1.


Conclusively, the Eagles have been greatly disappointing fans this season. They are lacking synergy between their offense and defense to win games and score more points. However, they are first in the NFC East division, even with their 1-2-1 record.

The following two games are going to be undoubtedly tough to win, with the Steelers at a 3-0 record and the Ravens at a 3-1 record.

Still, if the Eagles can boost their mentality towards playing like the team they were two years ago, then they have a shot of making the playoffs.