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HOSA: The Path to Forever Best Friends

Feeling the nerves rise up like temperature in the summer, I walk around (what was) the unfamiliar school into my first after school meeting: HOSA future health professionals. 

“It’ll be fun,” my mom said, “just put yourself out there.”

 I enjoyed participating in school-related activities, but there was something particularly different about this club that felt more important than the typical Reading Olympics or Science Olympiad. 

As soon as I entered, the meeting started immediately. What I didn’t know then, looking around —as a shy girl looking for an empty seat— was that  my forever best friends were right there in that room with me.

Flash forward a few months, and I became close with my new best friend through competing with her in CPR/ First Aid. We knew each other from elementary school, but reconnected over our passion for the medical field and representing CB South at a state competition.

HOSA is about the health field. HOSA is about working as a team. HOSA is about bonding with others. HOSA is about friendship.

Little did we know that we would become the closest of friends, compete every year together, and eventually lead the club together.

In Junior and Senior year, I had the pleasure of being an officer for this amazing club. 

I ran meetings, registered the club for competitions, scheduled fundraisers, and contributed hours of my time to make this club a wonderful experience for its members. 

This club helped me identify who I am.

 I was extremely shy (and I’m not saying that I’m not shy still), but whenever I stepped into a new club or an officer meeting, or put on my HOSA shirt or sweatshirt, my confidence grew immensely. 

The letters of H-O-S-A danced their way into my heart…this club has become a part of me. 

The officers that I worked with became my best friends; yet when we all handed in applications and were picked, we were all part of different friend groups.

Overtime, we all merged and created a new group of HOSA officers since we had to stay in contact. These friendships easily bonded because we were all hardworking and shared the same passions. We all had different personalities that truly made HOSA a fun place for club members to interact in. 

I met my very best friend through competing with her all three years, and I owe it to HOSA for bringing us together. 

I met my boyfriend through being officers with him in senior year, and I owe it to HOSA for bringing us together. 

I have committed to DeSales University in their Physician’s Assistant five-year program, and I owe it to HOSA for making my dream come true of helping others for the rest of my life.

Throughout HOSA, being a club member as well as an officer, I have grown as a person and my love for the health field has blossomed. The people that I have met and been officers with in this club will stay in my heart forever, and I see myself staying friends with them for the years to come. 

This club has prepared me for my future and I will never forget it. Thank you, HOSA.