Nina Capacchione

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As a senior in South, it is the best time of your life.

We have all worked 12 years to be the class of 2020… the seniors who were quarantined. This is not the time to look at the bad times we are all going through, but to reflect on how our school has shaped us into the people we will grow up to be.

My favorite memory of South is meeting all my friends from other schools. The SUPER COOL events that South has to offer: Mini-Thon, prom, hoco, the winter dance, football and hockey games, the color run, the Sheppard Project, and my favorite BLACK VS BLUE!!! Everyone should be signing up for black vs blue because it’s the field day for the high schoolers.

I’m very sad to be leaving South like this, but I am excited for the new sophomores to experience their best three years. What the next four years look like for me is studying to be a math teacher at Bloomsburg University! At the end of my studies, I hope to be back at South teaching math with my favorite teachers that taught me. That includes Mrs. Warren, Mr. Walsh, Ms. McCarty, and Mrs. McCuen.