Registering to Vote

Believe it or not, you can register to vote when you are seventeen and a half–in PA at least.

You cannot actually vote until you are 18, but by registering yourself early you can get ahead of the game.

Registering early will also allow you to vote in an election even if your birthday is on the day of the election or the day before.

Registering takes a few days to a few weeks, but it is overall an easy process.

There are a few requirements to vote, according to the official government site of PA: be a citizen, a resident in the district you are voting in, and 18 years old on the day of the election or before.

Now to register to vote, you can sign up before your 18th birthday, but only as long as you are 17 and a half (or older than).

The easiest way to register is to do it online at this link:

By following the directions on the form you will be doing your country a social service and in a lot of ways you are “adulting!”

If you take charge and register yourself to vote and you actually go out and vote, then you become a contributing member of our political society.

If this article inspires you to register, please note that the date April 13, 2020 is significant because it is the deadline to register before the next election in PA, which is on April 28, 2020.

April 28 is the upcoming Primary election.