Are People Really Thankful During This Time of Year?

Allison Shin, Staff Writer

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With the holidays approaching, it is usually that time of year where people stop and think about the things they are grateful for. It is even tradition to go around the table during Thanksgiving and have everyone say what they are thankful for.  

But are we really grateful? 

Despite what the movies and books say, the holiday season doesn’t always bring out the grateful side in people.

Holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrations of the year that give people the opportunity to ask for and receive gifts. People ask for the newest pair of Vans, iPhone, or air pods just to keep up with society and forget about the other things.  

Everyone wants more, and society makes it seem like a person can never have enough.

So why would people stop and think about the things they already have when they are expecting more?

And is that really our fault? 

It also doesn’t help that as great as the holiday season is, it’s also the busiest.

Between school, extracurricular activities, friends, shopping for gifts, there never seems to be a quiet moment for students anymore. It’s not their fault; the world is just moving faster than they can keep up with.  

During the crazy season, it is important to reflect on everything you have.

Sure, it might not be a phone, or that expensive jacket you saw in the mall, but think about the family that loves you, the awesome friends you made, and the amazing school you attend that gives you opportunities to excel.