Mini-THON is approaching fast.

Many teams have already begun fundraising money for THON, which donates the profits to childhood cancer research. So far, CB South has raised $1,738 for THON, with the goal being $25,000.

Students such as Sarah Kozosey, a junior and team captain for the ‘Cancer Curesaders,’ said, “Mini-THON is helping a very good cause. I’m proud to be a part of an extraordinary, annual event. We should be very grateful to take part in helping out.”

Many students are indeed grateful to help out.

Last year, students raised $38,271.28, and there seems to be no slowing down, with more and more students creating teams with their friends.

“I feel like South will become more of a community through being a part of Mini-THON,” Sarah said, stating that students are helping by “working together to raise money against cancer.”

She, and many other students, feel that THON is a very impactful way to help in the battle against cancer.

Another student, Alex Treusdell, who is on the team ‘Mini-THON Munchkins,’ adds, “I’ve never done Mini-THON before, but it seems like a lot of fun.”

Mini Thon will be filled with many fun events, such as music provided by a DJ, inflatable games, and real life board games.

“Not only are you having fun, but you’re raising money at the same time,” Alex said. “Mini-THON is about helping the children, but also showing that it’s possible to have fun while helping the less fortunate.”

Mini-THON takes place on November 8 from 1pm to 7pm. Students are already excited to be taking part in this incredible event!