Ben Simmons Just Hit a Three and the Internet is Broken


Who would have thought the day would ever come?

After 19 unsuccessful attempts and countless internet memes, Sixers star point guard Ben Simmons finally hit his elusive first three-pointer in an NBA game.

Yes, it was a pre-season game against a random team from China that no one has ever heard of. Yes, the Sixers were up by 38 points going into the closing seconds of the first half, but the important thing is that Simmons had the confidence to take the three, a three that was actually a few steps behind the line for good measure.

As the three swished through the net, the entire arena erupted as if he had just hit a game winner in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Ever since the Sixers drafted Ben Simmons with the first pick in the 2016 draft, he has had to overcome the pressure of being the next LeBron James or Magic Johnson, two of the best players to ever compete in the game of basketball.

Coming out of college, Simmons seemed to have it all: ankle-breaking handles for his size of 6’ 10’’, 229 lbs., amazing passing vision, elite quickness, dominating strength, and lockdown defense.

However, he was only missing one thing: any resemblance of a jump shot.

Against many teams, this didn’t matter as he was able to use his strong frame to bully himself to the rim, but against good teams in the playoffs, he became a major liability due to his inability to space the floor.

Players would guard him ten feet away when he was wide open at the three-point line, and he still wouldn’t even look at the rim to shoot. No one knew if it was a confidence issue or just an inability to perform one of the most critical tasks in the game of basketball.

Whatever it was, Simmons seems to have put it behind him.

At the 2019 NBA Media Day, Simmons said “if it’s open, I’ll take it.” He seems to have stuck to his word based off the first preseason game, but who knows if it will continue when the games start to matter.

How do you feel about Ben Simmons making his first three pointer, South? Do you think this will be the new “norm,” or do you think he only shot the three because it was in a meaningless preseason game and he won’t shoot it again?

No one knows for sure right now, but if this shot is a sign of things to come, the Sixers have themselves a future dynasty.