Mario Kart Tour


The newest Super Mario Kart Tour has been taking over the App store.

During the first week of the game’s launch, more than 90 million gamers installed the app.

Rohan Crawley, a junior said, “I got the game when it first came out and it is very addicting to play.”

Nintendo launched Mario Kart Tour on September 25 on the app store. Good news: It’s free to play.

The new app is like the Wii version of Super Mario Kart but with some notable differences. Many fan favorite characters such as Luigi, Baby Luigi, Waluigi, King Boo, and Birdo are all missing from the game.

“It was weird that Nintendo didn’t include Luigi,” said Shane Landis, a junior. “He is a must have for the series. I wish they put him in the game because he’s one of my favorites.”

Shane also went on to say, “Baby Luigi is my OG and I miss him dearly, and also King Boo was one of my favorites on the Wii version, so I was sad that he was not in the new game.”

In Mario Kart Tour, there are four game courses in a cup and in most cups, there are similar tracks. To play you slide your fingers to steer, and in this version, unlike the Wii, you can’t fall off the track.

Destiny Richey, a junior siad, “I like how I can play anywhere and its portable, unlike the Wii version.”

Now you can add all your friends on the app. As of right now multiplayer hasn’t come out yet, but Nintendo is currently working on it to keep all gamers happy.