Homecoming is… coming!

The beginning of the school year is full of fun–you’ve got the very first day, your first tests of the season, and everyone’s favorite: the start of football season. (Ladies, no need to post on your Insta-story that you’ve missed it because it’s finally here!)

One of the most exciting games of the season is the Homecoming football game. It fuels school spirit and makes everyone even more excited for the Homecoming Dance.

CB South’s Homecoming Dance will be on Saturday Sept. 28, from 7-10pm, hosted in our very own cafeteria–which is of course transformed for the night!

Don’t forget about Fall Fest though! Hosted by tons of clubs with activities to do before the Homecoming football game against William Tennent, it;s sure to be a blast. Fall Fest will also be on Friday, September 27, before the game.