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One Thousand Points; CB Souths’ Girls Basketball

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One Thousand Points; CB Souths’ Girls Basketball

Sophia Wasyliw, Contributing Writer

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Scoring 1000 points in basketball is rare and not many athletes reach the big milestone in their basketball career. Here, at Central Bucks High School South, there have been four athletes who have hit the milestone during their playing careers.

All four athletes have been girls.

Biology and forensics teacher, Mrs. Beth Mattern, has been the CB South’s girls’ basketball coach for twelve years now.  She has had the honor of coaching three of the four athletes.

Coach Mattern said that “It’s really exciting because there was a long period of time where we didn’t have a 1000-point scorer.” She adds, “You go into other gyms and see all these 1000-point scorers, and it’s really a sign of achievement in basketball. It was a milestone I was excited to coach.”

Colleen Christian was the first Central Bucks South basketball player to reach 1000 points; she reached this milestone in 2007 and only had three years to reach the milestone—due to CB South opening in 2005.

Nine years later, Jordan Vitelli came along to join Colleen in the 1000-point club. Reaching this milestone in 2016, Vitelli ended the season with 1,048 career points, and was the all-time leading scorer for two years.

Next was last years’ graduate, Haley Meinel, who reached the milestone early off in the District 1 6A playoffs, breaking Vitelli’s record by 77 points.

This 2018-2019 basketball season, current CB South senior, Alexa Brodie, passed Vitelli and Meinel and ended the season with a record breaking 1302 career points.

On December 14, 2018 at the SOL opener game against Quakertown, Brodie needed only 19 points. With 5:40 left in the third quarter, Brodie got the ball and drove to the net, falling to the floor, as she was congratulated with a dog pile from her teammates.

“It was definitely a huge relief,” Brodie said. “As special as reaching that milestone is, at the end of the day winning is most important to me so after that game, I knew I could just go out and play and continue to focus on winning rather how many points I was scoring.”

Before this very important game Brodie was “a little more nervous than usual” but she knew that if she stepped onto the court and gave everything she had, the Titans could come out with a win and she could reach the milestone.

Teammate Marykate Mcshane said “I knew nineteen points was a lot for her to get in one game even though she’s done it countess times,” Mcshane said. “But, with the pressure of getting 1000 points being right on her back I knew it would definitely be a little tougher.”

Before the big SOL opener, Coach Mattern said, “I was feeling excited and I just wanted her to reach it to see her name up on that banner.” She adds, “I was so happy that the day came.”

Alexa Brodie, who is often referred to as “the savvy point guard”, grew up around the sport. Her father was the Wissahickon High School Boy’s coach and her older brother Josh also played. Brodie was always on a court, always shooting and playing.

Brodie broke Vitelli’s’ all-time score of 1048 by 254 points and she said, “It’s an awesome feeling knowing that I broke the all-time scoring record because I know how many amazing players came before me.” She adds, “And the fact that I played with two of the four other players that also held the record at one point is really special.”

Mcshane said “I knew that she really wanted to get it that night because a lot of her former teammates were there watching, so I was confident in her that she could do it.”

She adds, “I wanted her to get it so bad because watching from the sidelines when both Haley and Jordan got it, I was excited to storm the court as her teammate.”

Her junior year of basketball, Brodie averaged 13.2 points a game. Coach Mattern describes her in an Intellarticle as “the total package”.

Coach Mattern said, “She’s just very cerebral and understands what’s going on around her on the court, as a person, she is really caring and cares about her teammates and everyone around her.”

Mattern explains that, “Alexa was the reason we went to the state championships last season. She makes things happen on the court and I was so proud of her when she reached that milestone.”

Coach Mattern, who has coached three of the four girls explains that, “All three of them had a natural act for offense and the work ethic to get themselves there.”

Alexa Brodie was as freshmen when her teammate Jordan Vitelli scored 1000 points. Alexa said “I think it helped me out a lot. It allowed me to play with girls that had been part of the varsity for years and who brought a lot of experience and leadership to the team.”

Brodie was a four-year varsity player and certainly made her mark here at South.

Current all-time leading scorer Alexa Brodie thinks that “It’s really cool that it’s all girls up on the 1000-point banner. I think it shows that there are always amazing female athletes on the basketball teams and at South in general.”

The four female athletes’ names, hung in our gymnasium, will always be remembered.

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One Thousand Points; CB Souths’ Girls Basketball