Minithon: A Night to Remember


On Friday, November 9, CB South took part in miniTHON to help raise money for further research in the fight to cure pediatric cancer.

The event started at 1pm with a speech made by miniTHON officers Abigail Duimering, Miranda Song, and Emma Kiriloff. The students thanked the sponsors, the participants, Mrs. Graham, and everyone else who helped make miniTHON happen.

Throughout the night, the dance floor was full of students jamming out to their favorite songs, thanks to CB South’s very own David Gordon, also known as DJDaveG!

Every hour, the students would participate in the line dance. The line dance is a synchronized dance created to music from the top of the charts, making everyone excited to participate.

Not only was the night full of dancing, but there were also a ton of games and activities to keep the participants occupied and busy.

When the dance floor wasn’t full of people showing off their moves, the floor had a ton of games in which teams could participate. These games included relay races, hungry hungry hippos, and trashketball. Other games that students could play throughout the night that were not on the dance floor included Mega Jenga, bowling, and mini-golf.

The miniTHON art team along with members of the National Art Honor Society also created a life sized version of everyone’s favorite board game from when they were younger, Candy Land. This amazing game really brought back nostalgia. Thank you to the art team for all their hard work!

These exciting games and activities did not stop after leaving the gymnasium, because it continued in the cafeteria! There you could find competitive table tennis and inflatable horse racing. Participants could also find numerous snacks and drinks to stay hydrated and full.

The photobooth was also a hit, thanks to DJDaveG! I went into the photobooth myself, and had a great time posing with the props of my choice. After you take the pictures, you have the free option to send the pictures directly to your phone through text message. Not even 15 seconds after I sent the photos, I received them on my phone. The photobooth was very entertaining and quick, a great touch to miniTHON.

Besides all of the fun and games, the participants gathered in the gym every hour to listen to the guest speakers. These guests speakers included courageous people who have or had cancer, people who are related to somebody with cancer, and people who have strong emotions toward eradicating the disease.

CB South wants to thank these speakers for their time and for the impact they have on others.

When the night came to an end, the total reveal was shown to the crowd. After a ton of hard work and dedication, CB South raised $21, 537.41. Not only is this a huge amount raised, but it is impressive that CB South raised that amount in only six weeks versus the six months of preparation from past years.

Overall, miniTHON was an amazing, eye-opening experience that any student should consider joining.

Thank you to all the participants, helpers, and sponsors for making this event happen. Until next year!