CB South Girl’s Volleyball Team Makes Playoffs


Recently, the CB South’s Girl’s Varsity Volleyball team qualified to play in the playoffs due to their consistent determination and teamwork.

“None of the other schools expected much of us, but we came out on top for many games,” says Erin McCoy, a team member.

The underdog team really did come out on top with their 14-9 record.

Their dedication to practice was visible during the games. They would have practice everyday, and the team would come an hour early to watch film and study how the other teams play. They would find the other teams’ weaknesses and communicate about how they could use their skills to earn a win.

The girls on the team this year were ready to work hard. Not only did their hard work show during this season’s games, but their friendship and teamwork stood out as well.

“Practice didn’t feel like practice for most of us,” says McCoy. “It was a fun time to just work on our skills with friends.”

Daily practices helped create a bond between the players and a friendship that will last a long time.

The players’ overall happiness and determination was constantly shown, though unfortunately the team lost after the opening round against the Perkiomen Valley Vikings on October 23.

However, CB South is still proud of the team for an outstanding season and is looking forward to see what they have in store for next season.

Congratulations, Titans!