CB Cares Volunteer Teens

If you are looking for volunteer hours, or if you just want to have fun with friends and help out around the community, join CB Cares!

The club has worked on numerous events ranging from the annual Halloween Haunted Carnival to MLK day of service and everything in between. Don’t be intimidated. Although the words “community service” may sound like punishment for a misdemeanor doing back-breaking labor all day long, this could not be further from the truth. The work usually consists of setup or cleanup of an event (decorations, games, supplies, etc.) and making sure that everything goes smoothly.

Events themselves are very informal, with some free time to talk to your friends almost guaranteed while working. There’s no intense pressure to hurry up. As you work, the hours will fly right by you and into your service log. These hours can be used for just about anything, including NHS and college applications. Racking them up will be a breeze. You may even make new friends from all over Central Bucks while volunteering.

The club itself is not specifically associated with CB South only, so it has few meetings here. It spends most of its time in action, helping out throughout the district. Communications are held primarily by email. You will receive descriptions and a sign-up link for specific events throughout the year as they crop up.

There are additional, more detailed descriptions in the link. You can choose the specific task (i.e. setup, clean-up, management, etc.) and time which suits you best. Feel free to choose multiple if you are able. If you cannot volunteer at an event, that’s okay! There will always be plenty more options for you ahead.

If you think you are interested in joining CB Cares and to receive notifications about upcoming events, here is the link to sign up: www.bit.ly/volunteerteens

All are welcome to join!
If you have any questions, email Daniel Remishevsky at [email protected]