Fun and Easy Prom Nails!

Alexandria Kazandjian, Assistant Editor

Prom is an expensive ordeal, so why not cut costs by doing your own nails? This quick and easy nail tutorial will teach you how to give yourself a French Manicure in under twenty minutes!

  1. Start by removing all old polish and filing your nails to your desired shape. Be sure to wash your hands before moving on.
  2. (optional) Apply a base coat. This will allow the polish to stick to the nail as well as protect your natural nail from the harmful effects of certain polishes. I used Beauty Secrets base coat.
  3. For your first colored base, apply your desired color evenly on each nail. Repeat this step until the color is as rich as you would like. Keep in mind, the color choice doesn’t matter! For a creative look, try mixing and matching colors to match your dress or tux! Going for a classic look, I chose Wet ‘N’ Wild’s sheer polish.
  4. After letting your base color dry, use your second color to complete the classic tip. I recommend dragging the brush as carefully as you can across the top of your nail to get the basic shape, then going back and filling in the spots missing color. Another approach is making tiny upward strokes around the edge of your nail and then refining the line as best you can. If you make a mistake, that’s okay! You can use your base color to cover the blemish or turn that nail into an accent nail. For deep, effortless color I used Sinful Colors’ “Snow Me White.”
  5. (optional) If you’re looking to spice things up with an accent nail, start by either removing or painting over the polish. You can leave it there or add a design. I decided to repeat step 4 with Claire’s glitter polish for added flair.
  6. Once your nails are moderately dry, use a top coat to protect and seal in the polish below. I used INM’s “Out the Door.” Let them dry completely and enjoy!