What You Need to Know For Prom

Casey Wood

Are you ready for a night of dressing in your best? Hanging out with your friends? And dancing to your favorite songs? If yes, then you are ready for prom!
This spring Junior and Senior CB South students will be attending their class’s prom. Even though the night won’t go exactly how it did in High School Musical, the night will surely be one to remember if you use these tips!
1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: I’m sure many of you will be wearing heels for pictures and to make sure your dress isn’t dragging on the floor. But imagine dancing all night in uncomfortable shoes! Make sure to bring an extra pair of shoes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Flats and sandals are a good option, or you can rock some Converse!
2. Come Prepared: Sometimes we can get wardrobe malfunctions out of nowhere. To prevent this, make sure to wear a comfortable dress and bring thread or any other necessary items to fix this problem. Also it could be possible that somebody’s heel could accidentally step on your foot, so bring some Band-Aids!
3. Bring Your Student ID: Just like homecoming, bringing your ID will make it quicker to get inside. After you are done using it, bring a bag or wallet to keep it inside of, so you won’t lose it.
4. Don’t Spend Too Much: Tickets for prom are pretty expensive, but totally worth it for the food and venue. However, dresses, hair, makeup, and suits can all be expensive too. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. For hair and makeup, it’s a possibility that your makeup will be sweated off and you will be leaving a trail of bobby pins within the first hour.
5. Perfume and Cologne Will Be Your BFF: With a night full of dancing and jumping around in suits and dresses, it’s almost impossible not to break a sweat. To prevent the venue from smelling like the gym locker room, bring some perfume or cologne.
6. The Boutonniere: It sounds silly, but it can be a struggle. There is a certain way to pin on a boutonniere and it can be challenging. So if you don’t know how to put on a boutonniere, find somebody who can avoid injuries for your date.
7. Don’t Worry About a Date: To go to prom, you don’t need a date. It can be so much fun with just your friends. If you are worried about a slow dance, don’t be! They play few to no slow songs, so just dance with a friend and have fun with it.
8. HAVE FUN: The most important part about any school dance is to have a great time. Prom is something you won’t forget, so make it a good one. Who cares if your dancing looks like you just broke your back? I know my dancing will look like that. If you are having fun, it won’t even matter.
Junior Prom will be held at the Honda Dealership off of 313 on April 21. Senior Prom will be held at Spring Mill Manor on May 18.
I hope you use these tips to have a great time at prom this year; have fun CB South!