“Weight” No Longer: Join the Weightlifting Club

Casey Wood, Assistant Editor

CB South has many clubs and activities to offer to all students. The school gained a brand new club this year created by junior, Alec Chen. This club is the Weightlifting Club, dedicated to one of Alec’s favorite hobbies. The officers are Caleb Gibson, Kyle Chen, and Conner Reilly. At each club meeting, they also do many activities other than lifting weights.

“We do multiple activities, including fun, small strength competitions,” says Alec. “We have speakers come in and talk to us about lifting, and we lift in the weight room.”

You may think this club is only offered to the students who lift on their own time and do it as a hobby, but the Weightlifting Club is open to everyone!

“It’s all about learning from each other, and getting better and achieving our goals through collaboration and our community,” says Alec.

Community is a significant part of this club, and when asked about the reason of starting a weightlifting club at CB South, and Alec responded by saying their aim is “to create a community and a time and place where people with similar interests can come together.”

Not only does this community share an interest in lifting weights, but they also share an interest in food! At the club meetings, there are usually snacks provided as an after school treat and something to keep everyone going. The food can range from donuts to even Chick-Fil-A.

You heard what the club is all about – now let’s hear what people’s favorite parts about Weightlifting Club are.

“The food. Just kidding, the fact that we all have such a variety of people and students that come, and all get along because of our shared interest in lifting weights,” says Alec, the club creator.

“I really just love how we come together as students and share our love of lifting weights and make new friends in the process as well,” says junior Brock Viet, a member of the club.

With the new year coming up, people are setting goals for 2018. Even the Weightlifting Club has a few, including “hosting a Central Bucks School District Health Fair, including a strongest kid in Central Bucks competition,” says Alec. And of course, “spreading the culture!”

This year, the Weightlifting Club encourages YOU to make it a goal to join the community, make new friends, and of course, lift some weights!