The Three Titanneers

Juntae Rocker, Staff Writer

Hey South, it’s Juntae Rocker and I’m back on the Titan Tribune. I was a writer last year, and I have returned. It’s been a pleasure last year, and I’m glad to be back. Anyway, on to the article.

There are three special Titans among us that I feel deserve to be in the spotlight. While they are stars in their own sense, they deserve a little extra stardom. They’re what I like to call the three Titanneers! Get it? Because there’s three people like the original Musketeers, but they aren’t Musketeers. They’re Titans. Clever isn’t it? I’m hilarious-ahem. Without further ado, let’s-drum roll please-introduce our tantalizing Titan trio!

First up, we have the magical Mercedes-no, not the car-Sanoja. Her interests include programming, jamming to tunes, watching movies (she told me she watched “It” and somehow didn’t pee her pants… PREPOSTEROUS!), and spending time with her loved ones and friends. She also reads, which is good because how else will she see the magnificence that is this article? A natural arguer-by that I mean she’s a mock trial veteran-it’s no wonder she’s auditioning for Mock Trial again. Hear that? The people auditioning will have competition, which is bad because I’m also auditioning, I knew I should have told her my favorite car is a Mercedes.

Other clubs she’s joining include OEG and Reading Olympics. She’s also providing a service to the Titan community through her campaign to be a Communications Director; needless to say, she’s a swell gal. I leave you with her powerful communicating words: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Next up, we have Ben Foster. Lucky we only have one because if we had more, I would have to call the car dealership! Ha ha. Because “Mercedes Benz” is a car? Ahh puns. I can already imagine the cringe they’re having reading this.

Ben Foster is an eccentric fellow. When he’s not playing soccer or immersing himself in the plethora of school events, he’s getting eaten alive by homework. If only I was exaggerating, but those are his words. He’s a part of OEG, HOSA, and Link; can you see his school pride? I sure can. Apparently, he’s able to do this AND fend-off the attack of the hungry homework. He’s also running for vice president this year. He’s truly an honorable man and an inspirational figure with inspirational words: “Don’t think of failing as failing; think of it as not succeeding yet ^~^.” (Yes, the ^~^ was a part of the quote. Why? I don’t know. I’m still flabbergasted about the homework that’s “eating him alive”.)

Lastily, we have Michelle Pham. She hangs with her Pham, plays sports, and eats good food. I can relate. The clubs she’s in ranges from math club, to chem club, and to Reading Olympics! Yay, another reader!

Simply put, she’s no ordinary girl. In fact, she’s so cool and unique that you should consider joining her Pham! Secretary of the Junior Class! She’s a secretary (of OEG), that used to be a secretary, that’s trying to become a secretary. Inception. Her advice to her Pham?-“Keep trying. Keep working; don’t give up and you will reap the rewards.”

Let’s have a moment of applause for these remarkable Titans.