Is Golf a Sport?

Evelina Fazlyeva, Staff Writer

Golf has been played throughout the world for centuries. But, the debate about golf’s status as a sport always arises.

Many people have an opinion on golf, and whether it is a sport or not. They either say it is a sport, it isn’t, or they don’t care. But, overall, the results vary and the topic is widely talked about.

Tom Hill, the golf coach at CB South for the third year, has his own opinion on it.

According to Mr. Hill, “Golf is a physically and mentally challenging sport.” He added that it is not “an easy sport” and that there are “many rules to remember” for the game.

Last year, the CB South golf team had their best year. They made their mark in the school gym with a banner.

Mr. Monk, the sophomore counselor, used to be the golf coach before passing it onto Mr. Hill. They both agree that golf is definitely a complex sport.

Mr. Hill said, “One stroke can decide if you win or lose the game.”

The player is only allowed fourteen clubs, and can change their club to achieve different techniques, ball speed, and to control how far the ball will go.

Mr. Hill is very proud of his team and how much they have accomplished.

“The South golf team is the smallest team, with only sixteen players,” noted Mr. Hill. “Integrity and honesty are very important personality traits to have while playing this sport.”

The players must even call out their own fouls if they catch it, in order for the game to stay fair.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about whether golf is a sport or not, including the age, ability, and skill of the individual players.

There are only eight junior varsity players on the golf team and eight on the varsity team at South. All of their abilities vary.

Amanda Nurse, student, viewed golf as ” a game based off skill,” commenting that you “need your mind” for it. She agreed with Mr. Hill that golf is a sport.

One thing is for certain: Ask anyone, and they will give you their own opinion on golf’s status as a sport.