Welcome Mr. Cutsler

Tyler Heinlein, Staff Writer

This school year, the CB South community welcomes many new teachers; one of those new teachers is Mr. Cutsler. An alumnus of C.B. West and West Chester University, Mr. Cutsler is excited to be back in Central Bucks.

After college, Mr. Cutsler began working at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit. He enjoyed it, found he was good at it, and then decided to keep teaching.

While in high school, Mr. Cutlser played soccer. While a player at C.B. West, his sophomore coach was South’s current soccer coach, Mr. Brady. Now Mr. Cutsler is working with Mr. Brady to be the Titan soccer coach next year.

Aside from playing on the field, Mr. Cutsler enjoys being with friends to do fun things, especially going to the beach when the weather is great.

Mr. Cutsler is also a dedicated Philadelphia sports fan; excited for the upcoming Flyers’ hockey season to begin.

Upon coming to South, Mr. Cutsler said, “The biggest influence was our principal, Mr. Bucher. He was willing to go out of his way to make sure I settled in.”

Another South quality that Mr. Cutsler appreciates is that “everyone does a good job of keeping people informed inside and outside of the community.”

Mr. Cutsler already feels a sense of “trust between students and teachers” at South. He thinks it is very important to have trust in the school community.

Mr. Cutsler hopes that during this school year, he can feel like an accomplished teacher and “change the lives of students and feel like a role model.”

As the school year is progresses, Mr. Cutsler continues to get accustomed to the community and meet more of the Titans.