Within the Terror, Beyond the Crowd

Rina Suka, Contributing Writer

Fierce, passionate, and full of spirit are all words that can be used to describe the rallying of our student section.

Titan Terror is truly influential.

The heart and soul of every game, event and gathering for South is our Titan Terror, and that is something no other school in all of Pennsylvania can say. Period.

Now, “what makes Central Bucks South Titan Terror so amazing,” you may ask? To phrase it short and sweet I would say everything, down to the people, the spirit, the bleachers, the themes, the marketing of it all, everything.

Every single sport event I attend where South is playing never fails to impress me.

Our student section is always spilling with people, dressed to the theme our spirit captains have chosen, rowdy and screaming over every other noise that can be made, all for the common purpose of supporting our friends, family, teammates and peers.

Something I’ve heard other schools use to describe us is “crazy,” but I believe it’s in the best way possible.

As a first hand witness of this experience I can say that the energy that is given off from the Titan Terror is contagious and spreads to everyone who steps foot into the stadium.

One person who plays a role in making this craziness a reality is senior, Gianni Goss, alongside seniors Anthony Cantu and Patrick Flynn.

“Words don’t do Titan Terror justice,” Goss said.

I couldn’t agree more.

Going to any game at South is fun because of Titan Terror, because you get to have a great time while being a support system for the school.

People are passionately motivating the South sports teams with chants and cheers, and it’s probably just about the most passionate fun you can have spur of the moment in suburban Pennsylvania.

It’s that one thing that for no matter who you are, Titan Terror is a place for you.

So for anyone reading this, remember: Once a Titan always Titan!

Come out and show some love for the amazing South Family!