Junior Prom At A Glance

All eyes are on junior prom.

Junior prom is steadily approaching with its date set to be April 1, 2017… no this is not an April’s Fools joke!

Being on the junior student council, I can tell you to expect many great things this year at junior prom. A rocking DJ and yummy finger food is already set in place.

Wondering what other students’ thoughts are on junior prom, I asked a couple students what they are expecting.

“I’m just super excited to get all dressed up in long gowns with my friends, that’s the best part,” said CB South junior Alyssa Piselli.

Dress shopping for prom starts months in advance, so girls, start thinking about your gown soon!

CB South junior, Deanna Bongarzone is also excited for junior prom. She said, “I’m hoping for a great DJ to be there because dancing all night is my favorite part about prom.”

Kicking off prom season right, the senior council gave away a free junior prom ticket in a competition at the last pep rally.

CB South junior, Ben Berger won this ticket. “I got the ticket and now I can’t wait to go,” said Berger.

If this doesn’t get you excited for prom season, I don’t know what will!